Caregiver Coalition 
The Caregiver Coalition, consisting of service providers, exists to serve two purposes.  They serve as an Advisory Committee for the National Family Caregiver Support Program at Grand Gateway and as a coordinating coalition for caregiver services with the Native American Tribes/Nations of Northeast Oklahoma.  Meetings are held every two months to discuss policies, procedures, and special events.  

By sharing information we are able to stay informed about important changes and eliminate duplication of services.  Services for caregivers and grandparents raising grandchildren are enhanced by working together, identifying needs, sharing expenses and talents.



2018 Caregiver Coalition Members
Member Organization
 Brenda House

 Wyandotte Nation

 Linda Plott  Ottawa Tribe
 Rhonda Weaver  Quapaw Tribe
 Linda Hill  Eastern Shawnee Tribe
 Janea Hogan

 Senior Companion Program

 Cathy Sullins

 Alzheimer's Association

 Mary Satterwhite  Grand Gateway Caregiver
 Debbie Hopkins  Quaker Hill
 Beath March  Good Shephard Hospice
 Michelle Jones  Amedisys Home Health
 Crystal Blaylock  Ottawa Tribe
 Lisa James  Cherokee Nation
 Juanita Bark  Cherokee Nation