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What is Hazard Mitigation Planning?

Hazard Mitigation Planning is in direct Response to the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Assistance Act. The Act requires that local communities develop a Hazard Mitigation Plan to apply for federal assistance in the event of a disaster. Hazard Mitigation Planning is developed to provide a framework for addressing pre and post community disaster issues.

Hazard Mitigation Plans use risk management tools such as historical events and their impact on an area or community to prioritize the risks from natural hazards and identify vulnerabilities to those risks. Hazard Identification identifies the hazards that have impacted the area or community in the past or may impact the area in the future. Vulnerability describes how exposed or susceptible to damage an asset or area might be in due to a hazard event.

Key purposes for Hazard Mitigation Planning are:

  • To evaluate hazards that have a history of or may potentially impact a county, local community or area.
  • Determine areas that are vulnerable to natural hazards, such as flooding, tornadoes etc.
  • Develop strategies regarding the best approaches to minimize impacts.
  • Prioritize loss reduction and emergency preparedness activities.
  • Involve community members, local and regional representatives, emergency management, enforcement and other agencies in order to draft and adopt an action plan to serve as a blueprint for mitigation and preventive activities.

Use of the Plan will lessen vulnerability to disaster and update response capabilities, reduce or eliminate hazard impacts and allow affected areas to recuperate quickly, effectively and efficiently.

Who is Eligible?

Counties, cities, towns and school districts may apply for the funds.

Is there a Grant Maximum?

Grant amounts are based on population and must be matched by 25% of the total amount by the local entity including in-kind.

For more information contact Grand Gateway at 1-800-482-4594.
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