In 2004 and 2005 Grand Gateway coordinated with the seven counties located in the Grand Gateway Service area to educate voters and coordinate information services regarding the passage of county wide tax initiatives to implement E-9-1-1 Services in all of the northeastern Oklahoma counties. This initiative would be implemented with a 50 cent per month fee on each cell phone serviced by each provider in the distinct counties in the Grand Gateway service area. 

Six of the seven counties in the GGEDA service area passed the tax initiative.  These counties include Craig, Delaware, Mayes, Ottawa, Rogers and Washington Counties. Nowata County has not yet implemented the services.

Grand Gateway EDA acts as a pass through agency and dispersal instrument for cell phone service providers. Cell phone service providers collect and send the user tax funds on to Grand Gateway. Grand Gateway then distributes the funds based on population and collections to the individual counties.

Funds from the 50 cent tax are used to manage, maintain, update, map and continue E-9-1-1 services in each county.  

For more information contact Grand Gateway at 1-800-482-4594.
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